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Employee Onboarding Template


Small and medium-sized businesses find it increasingly challenging to attract the right talent, with 22% identifying it as their most significant hurdle. 


The crucial period? The first 37 days, where new hires decide if they’ve made the right choice.


Maximize these critical early days with our tailored four-week New Hire Onboarding and Orientation Checklist for South Florida SMBs. This plan eases your new employees into their roles, promoting a smoother transition and better retention.


This checklist includes: 


  • Pre-Employment Tasks: A checklist of essential steps to take before your new employee’s first day, ensuring everything is set for a seamless start.

  • In-Depth Orientation Guide: Key activities and information to introduce new hires to your company culture, team dynamics, and organizational structure.

  • Week-by-Week Onboarding Plan:

    • Week 1: Initial integration tasks and introductions.

    • Week 2: Role-specific training and task assignments.

    • Week 3: Increased project involvement and team interactions.

    • Week 4: Progress assessment and further role immersion.

  • Required Documentation: A comprehensive list of all necessary documents and forms to complete the onboarding process, from legal paperwork to HR forms.

This schedule outlines all the turns, detours, and speedbumps new hires can expect in their first month. We’ve included suggestions for each week to help you make your new employees’ highway to success an easy road!

Get your New Hire Onboarding Template!

Instant Access to Top-Tier Resources and Expert Guidance. 


Don’t just take our word for it.

"Our journey with HCCI has been a game-changer for our small business. Their staffing solutions brought us top-notch talent that seamlessly fit our team. What truly sets them apart is their holistic approach."

David Ramos, CEO

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