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HR Services

From HR Compliance to Team Agility—Crafting the Future of South Florida's Workforces. 

At Human Capital Consultants International, we tailor HR excellence to the unique pulse of South Florida's small businesses. Our seasoned HR Executives bring their expertise directly to your doorstep, minus the financial strain. We're not just up-to-date; we're the trendsetters in regulatory agility and economic foresight. 


At HCCI, we go beyond staying current; we're at the forefront, leading the way in regulatory agility, economic foresight, and building high-performing, agile teams that drive productivity and organizational growth. With the precision of legal experts and the customized agility of our HRO and ASO models, we don't just follow best practices—we pioneer them.


Our services are not merely current; they're leading-edge, proactively positioning you to navigate compliance with ease and leverage your human capital like never before. We infuse your business with the strategic leadership of experienced HR Executives at a fraction of the cost.

At HCCI, you're not locked into restrictive contracts or weighed down by overhead—you're free to scale, go public, sell your business, secure funding, enhance market reach, innovate products, or simply refine your operations. ​


Put us to the test: Partner with us for a straightforward and growth-focused approach, without the overhead of a full-time HR hire, the inflexibility of an HR consultant, or the costly, unscalable co-employment terms of a PEO that can hinder your growth efforts. 

With us, it's simple—innovation is tailored to your needs, and we transform every compliance or employee-related challenge into a stepping stone for your business to excel and shine. Beyond compliance, we're committed to cultivating a high-performing, agile team that propels your business forward.

Full-Service HR 

 Get help with HR compliance and all the complexities that may come with it. Manage your expanding business with adaptable, cost-effective HR solutions that grow with you, optimizing your budget so you can invest where it matters most.


HR and Payroll Solutions

We honor the uniqueness of your business, seamlessly integrating our HR services with your specific needs and industry challenges. Our HRO and ASO models are crafted to enhance your HR functions without adding complexity, focusing on managing day-to-day HR tasks efficiently.


We provide real-time support and ensure timely, informed, and unlimited assistance for all your employee-related questions.


You'll have a local bilingual HR expert dedicated to your organization, ready to deliver the personalized and expert guidance you require exactly when you need it. 

Grow and adapt with confidence


Leadership Excellence

Our HRO model goes beyond traditional talent management; we specialize in cultivating high-performing, agile teams that resonate with your organization's dynamics.


Understanding that each employee contributes uniquely, we implement comprehensive workplace assessments to align individual strengths with your company's objectives.

Our leadership training programs are tailored for all levels – from emergent supervisors to seasoned managers – ensuring a continuum of professional growth and leadership development.


These trainings are designed not just to impart skills but to inspire transformative leadership that drives your organization forward.



Variable costs as you scale.


HR Compliance

We bring a detailed mastery of crucial employment laws to your doorstep, ensuring compliance with FLSA, FMLA, ADA, and EEOC mandates.


Our approach is to weave our knowledge deeply into the structure of your business, enhancing practices to minimize legal risks and elevate your standing in the marketplace.


We provide real-time support for a broad range of HR compliance challenges, from crafting employee handbooks and drug-free workplace policies to navigating EEOC intricacies.

You'll confidently manage job classifications and unemployment claims, knowing that our expertise is your guide through the intricacies of HR compliance.




Trade complexity for certainty.

See what they’re saying about us.

Conversation by the Stairs

-Ophelia G & Marcus A. 

"When it comes to navigating the complex landscape of employee relations and terminations, their expert guidance is an invaluable resource. With their support, we've been able to address these challenging situations effectively, all while maintaining a respectful and compassionate approach. If you're a business owner in South Florida, I can't emphasize enough how transformative Leyda can be. With her support, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a strategic partner dedicated to your success."

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Learn how HCCI comprehensive HR solutions can help your business.

“HR compliance is not a one-time event, it's an ongoing process.”

Leyda Lazo, SHRM-SCP

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