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Corporate Leadership Keynotes

Inspire your attendees to become the leader they want to follow. Whether you're seeking a compelling keynote speaker or an expert in specific leadership domains, Leyda Lazo offers a wealth of options. Learn more about Leyda’s impactful approach and how her insights as a Maxwell Leadership® Certified Team Member can inspire your audience.

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Keynote Programs

Brought to you by Leyda Lazo, these keynote programs leverage her deep expertise as an executive coach and senior HR-certified professional. As the founder of Human Capital Consultants International and the Leadership Coaching Challenge, Leyda crafts sessions that focus on enhancing team dynamics and fostering self-discovery among professionals. An author and a distinguished member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team, mentored by the globally renowned John C. Maxwell, Leyda's programs are designed to empower attendees to understand and maximize their personal and team potential. Ideal for audiences seeking to refine their interpersonal skills and cultivate a collaborative work environment, these programs offer transformative insights and practical strategies.

Dive into effective coaching models that HR leaders can use to develop and nurture talent within their organizations. This workshop will provide tools and frameworks for structured coaching conversations, helping you build a robust pipeline of skilled and motivated employees.

Equip yourself with the skills needed to coach the next generation of leaders. This workshop covers advanced coaching techniques, focusing on how HR professionals can facilitate the development of leadership qualities in their successors.

This workshop reimagines the integration of feedback and coaching in HR practices, emphasizing their critical role beyond the confines of standard performance reviews. Participants will discover how continuous feedback, combined with effective coaching strategies, can significantly enhance employee engagement, facilitate ongoing development, and transform organizational culture. The session will delve into best practices for delivering constructive feedback, establishing a coaching mindset, and fostering an environment where feedback and coaching are part of everyday interactions. Attendees will learn how to use these tools not only for performance improvement but also for mentoring and supporting employees in real-time, encouraging a proactive approach to professional growth and development. This interactive session is designed to empower HR professionals to create a more dynamic, responsive, and growth-oriented workplace.

This program emphasizes the crucial first step of leadership: leading oneself. Before HR professionals can effectively guide and influence others, they must master self-leadership. Through this workshop, participants will explore strategies to cultivate personal accountability, self-awareness, and resilience. The session provides practical tools and insights to help HR leaders develop a strong foundation in self-leadership, which they can then extend outward to inspire and lead their teams. This program is ideal for HR professionals seeking to enhance their leadership effectiveness from the inside out, ensuring they are well-equipped to foster a culture of leadership at all levels.

This keynote/workshop delves into the concept of executive presence and how HR professionals can harness it to enhance their influence and leadership within the organization. Participants will learn about the pillars of executive presence—confidence, clarity, and charisma—and how these can be cultivated to command respect, inspire trust, and drive change. Through interactive exercises, participants will explore techniques to own their space in professional settings, effectively communicate their vision, and engage their audience with authenticity. This session aims to empower HR professionals to step into their power, embody leadership qualities that resonate at all levels, and leave a lasting impact.

Equip yourself with the skills needed to coach the next generation of leaders. This workshop covers advanced coaching techniques, focusing on how HR professionals can facilitate the development of leadership qualities in their successors.

Meet Leyda

Hi there! My name's Leyda, and my mission is to help you achieve positive, lasting change in behavior for yourself, your people, and your organization.


That’s my why, my purpose…It’s what I was born to do.

I've devoted the last 16 years of my career as an HR professional and leadership coach for senior leaders and their leadership teams.


And here’s what I know...


Every moment is an opportunity to grow your ability to positively influence others. You can use these opportunities to improve your skills and make a difference in the lives of those around you.


Growth is essential to our satisfaction and our success, but it doesn't just happen. It requires intentionality, focus, and accountability. It also requires a plan. 


Leadership is hard but identifying what’s getting in the way doesn’t have to be…

Is your organization ready to embrace transformational leadership? Book me for your next corporate event and let's ignite a culture of growth and innovation.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Leyda's keynote was a turning point for our team. Her insights on leadership and team dynamics were not only inspiring but also immediately applicable. We left the event energized and ready to implement new strategies.

James  Case, COO

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